New look

Published September 28, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

What do you think?

Ripped butt… I love my butt now!!! Ok, i guess that sounded weird.

Bambooe has on a new shirt, I didn’t list in the last  post cuz, well, (ashamed) I didn’t know about it 😦


18 comments on “New look

  • I have yet to talk to secretnotes on dizzywood,but I have her on my firends list. I love this site. I have Check out other blogs but none come close to this one.

    SECRETNOTES= Thanks!!! That is very nice.. Hope to see you on Dizzywood soon.

  • Frosty Snow,
    Dont feel bad

    i didnt get a pic for along time my first one was the on in Secret’s “New”(Now its old) room
    so dont feel bad


    P.S Secret notes don’t be mad at me for talking to someone else (don’t hate me) i was just trying to make them feel better.

  • i really want to meet you on dizzywood all my friends brag about meeting you on dizzywood and it makes me fell abit sad( if i could do a sad face i would do! )

  • sorry bout my info. i just wanted some new cheats… do u want me to delete the stuff from ur page?

  • i find that very affencive that you reported me. i am sorry and i would never like to speak to you again.

  • NO PROBLEM!!! You don’t copy someone’s entire site, pictures words and all and try to pass it on as your own. Talk about offensive!! Do you have any idea how much work I put into this site!!

  • hey have u met me yet my name is karly and on dizzywood my name is kbate11 can i meet u in the oct 4th 3:00 pm aus time

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