Amusement park coming??

Published September 28, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Have you heard the rumors??  What do you think?


26 comments on “Amusement park coming??

  • i crack her up, i never know who she is talking to…. or about…..

    she QUITS QUITS QUITS the CLOUD SPRITE mission from way back when


    luv ya secret

  • Awesome post secrets notes.

    I went on your side about 10 times today. you update alot.. and in the morning u had 12,000 hits, now you got 13,000 hits!! you get heaps of hits!!

    Cool site :)!!

    SECRETNOTES= Thanks!!

    ~ xxGawguzGirl

  • Secret Notes, How come everytime i post the same time comes up for every post! Like… I ser the time as (eg), 6:54 PM, and it says that for every post ive done, how do i just make it for just that post? Hmm… PLEASE write back if you can!!!

    ~ xxGawguzGirl

    I have no idea, the time is all mesed up.

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