Skate wheel locations

Published September 25, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

No longer there!!! This is now under OLD DIZZYWOOD

Sorry, since I have all the skateboards it didn’t give me this event.  But I used a friends acct and I have found 3 of 4 of them.  I will post those locations for now and update it when I find the last one.

1-4 Presto Grove

1-4 Presto Grove

2-4  Presto Edge

2-4 Presto Edge

3-4 Explorer Camp

3-4 Explorer Camp

Please feel free to help me with the last wheel 😉


9 comments on “Skate wheel locations

  • when dizzywood changes extremely like it did last night, it takes time guys, just keep hanging in there and you can ask other people for help while playing online.

    Thanks, I do freak out when this happens, you pretty much have to redo everything. If they keep going with all of it I will have to redo all the powers too… That should keep me busy 🙂 I am just going to keep deleting old posts and reposting. I think I will make a new catagory “old dizzy” so people that are new can see how things used to look.

  • i think old dizzy is better, its much more good looking
    but now its never going to come bak 😦


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