Dizzywood Notepad

Published September 21, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Introducing a new page at the top of my blog (next to the about page)  Its your very own Blog about whatever!!!  Its just a page for random comments about anything.  It doesn’t have to be about Dizzywood,  It can be about whatever you feel like writing about.  So have fun and start your discussions!!


5 comments on “Dizzywood Notepad

  • Can you help me with my blog i need poeple to be a author because i am really buzy just leave your e-mail @ bestbuds guide to dizzywood if you look it up on google it should be at the top.

    Bestbuds110~ P.S I love your blog!

  • i like clubpenguin! its just like an anilmal online there are so many penguins! also i like webkinz but dizzywood is also fun please checkout clubpenguin! but u have to buy a real one.

  • Thanks for responding!

    P.S I still love your blog!

    SECRETNOTES!=~ Sorry, I had a post a couple weeks ago asking if anyone needed help with their blogs to leave their link, I don’t think I saw yours? If I missed it I’m terribly sorry, What did you need help with.

    ps.. never feel bad reminding me to answer your comment. I miss some, sometimes!!!

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