Dig for Dubloon

Published September 21, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Go to Tanglevine Jungle there is a new place GULL ISLAND click on the sign next to the game machine.  Here is a picture of where it is located. You can only go in once a day,  So really enjoy it while you are in there.

Then dig on the pile of dirt, Just rub it, don’t click.

You get 250 coins. You can fish there too.




11 comments on “Dig for Dubloon

  • hei i am also having trouble logging in on dizzywood… so i used another character i have and i can log in with that one, but when i try to go to explorers camp, i get stuck traveling and i can still type in prestos grove, but i cant see anyone. all i see is the screen that says traveling and its all black

  • Mom08, That is exactly what is happening to me. its all black! I don’t want to start a new character! I have 11,000 coins and I own half the store and all my event stuff…NNNNOOOOOOO

  • it doesnt matter if u start a new person or not… it still does it to u. i have logged on to about 4 different accounts that i tried, but the same result on all of them. and also i am having a problem with the hidden scrolls. i have found one, but it wont let me pick it up. and no one else can see it even, just me.

  • hey i just erased my cookies and temporary internet files and it is letting me log on and go to explorers camp. try that and let me know if it helps u any 😉

  • Hey I just tried the same thing and it never happened to me but it happened to me about 4 times i just logged off and it worked again or you just close down the internet and turn computer off and log in again!

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