Published September 20, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

First I want to Thank Cookie for bringing this to my attention….

The envelopes are gone.  But here is what I am not sure of… Are they gone because I did the mission?  Or are they gone because the hid them some where else.  I have looked, Ghost raying ALOT of places, I even had people helping (Thanks Cheerio)  But we couldn’t find them.  If you fnd one let me know, Please!!!

UPDATE : Here’s where I found mine for my mission

And another mission, I don’t know why I drew the dog face  🙂




24 comments on “THE SECRET ENVELOPES ARE GONE… and now found

  • you see the sign written farthings meadow.. and you see a rock a big one and a small one. use ghost ray on the big rock and u will see a blue elixir and a envelope.

    Secretnotes: are you sure you are not talking about Presto’s edge, next to the farthings meadow sign? If so the blue elixer is there but the envelope is gone.

  • sorry frostysnow I couldn’t find it. If it was an old location. it isnt there anymore, If it was a new one, I just didn’t see it..Sorry!! I will look again today.


  • tanglrvine jungle bye the air bubble thing that has diomonds in bubbles by the bush its a new place trust me

    Secretnotes: Its not there for everybody. They have different locations each time you do the mission. Its not there for me. I looked everywhere around that grate. Sorry

  • there is one in prestos edge infront of the rabbit or i dont know what is thats sitting on stones its new!

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