Mine the Crystal Catacombs

Published September 20, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

The mines entrance is in Explorer camp,  You have to turn invisible to get through (If you don’t have invisibility, See the POWERS catagory)

Now your inside, just fall off the edge

Now Collect all 5  Crystals

I got 2 coins and a Gold Crystal.  I don’t know what we are going to with it, but its exciting!!! You can do this up to 3 times a day and each time you get a different color.

NOTE: My camera is all of a sudden not letting me take pictures of the info and pop ups anymore.  I will take the picture, but it just comes back with me standing there but no info in front of me.  Is this happening to anyone else??


27 comments on “Mine the Crystal Catacombs

  • hii secret notes!!!!!!!!!!u took my pic me and u wow i dident even know u did a pic of me!!!!!meet me whenever u can ok?

  • hi secret notes its me again if u see anyone called “goldisthebest” tell me she is my bff so 1 day if u see me “fire gem” and “goldisthebest” then we can take a pic 2gether!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hey secretnotes your website is way bettter than illusiongirls yours has pictures to describe it and writing so i think this blog should be no1 in the whole world!

    SECRETNOTES= Thanks!

  • Umm how do you get the bunnycorn?
    I went into the jaguars temple but the blue crystals arnt there. I think I have them but it wont let me have a pet! it just says i can sell them

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