News from the shores of Breakwater Beach

Published September 18, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

From the explorer joural…

Wassup my gnarly Explorers! Cecil Sideshuffle here, your one stop shop to custom made goods just chillin’ off the Dizzywood coastline. Anyway, so this is what happened. There I was just watching my waves curl like nobody’s business, and some glass bottle slams up against my claw. I was like, “Yo man! I gotta use that claw to catch me some waves!” But it didn’t say anything back, so I picked it up. I examined it, no doubt, but all I saw was some ugly looking paper inside.

I took it out, and what do you know! It was a letter from good ol’ Mr. Hawksbill, oops, I mean Admiral Hawksbill. Don’t even let him hear you say different, seriously. So the letter said something like, “Strong storm coming….need to stop for supplies..yada…yada…yada”. I’m totally stoked to see the Admiral. Hopefully my beach will be to his liking to stay a while.

Catch you on the waves,

Cecil Sideshuffle

What does it mean??????????????


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