Just more pics…

Published September 17, 2008 by dwsecretnotes


29 comments on “Just more pics…

  • Hey, I found this site from Fluffer’s blog. have u heard of me? I’m Maizy and i think I once saw u on Wobbly. My username is Meecha and well, I’m pretty popular. if u want to e-mail me, plz lemme kno

  • Hello Maizy, Sorry no, I haven’t heard of you? But I am usually very busy when I am on. I don’t really know what I would email you about? But maybe I will see you on again! Thanks for visiting.


  • sorry secretnotes that’s my sister talking and since she is only in kinder she doesnt know what she is talking about lol 😀

  • I said I can’t. Sorry, but if I see you when I am on, thats great, but I do not “meet” people on Dizzywood, I just have to many things going on to be able to do that.


  • ok Secretnotes im a big girl ok im 5 i can type ok i can see i can type please and uh hmm what can i type noprob Jonas Brothers i like Joe hee hee Ariel snow i been at school trying to read ok secretnotes

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