Summoning a Sprite

Published September 14, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Many of you may already have the flute in you backpack.  If you do, Skip to below the picture.  For those of you that do not have it, Here is what you do.  Head to the Garden Gazebo,  you will see a leaf man waving around.  Play the force game and he will give you a flute!

Then I immediately headed to the secret beach, because I remembered the seahorse sprite being there.  But that is the wrong one of course.  I think that the Dizzywood creaters like seeing me running around like a crazy girl, trying to get the activity blogged quickly.  So I then I had to actually had to sit and think..ugh.  Where else is a lake?  AH HA!!  Wildwood glen, so off I ran, with a crazy look in my eye…. and YEA!!  There he was!!

And this is what he told me:

And I got a new musical Emote!!


6 comments on “Summoning a Sprite

  • Sorry Yhunagurl.. but i don’t think so. I tried to play the game again after he took my flute and it wouldn’t let me. 😦


  • Dear secret notes,

    I’m searching for u but i cant find u. I saw u once and thats how I learned about this website. I want to be ure friend but i can never find u.

    When will u next be on?

    From, RabbitFuzzy02(my dizzywood username)

  • Hello Rabbitfuzzy. When I am on, I am almost always on Wobbly, unless its early morning and no one is in Wobbly, then I go to Whirly. I am on throughout the day and evening… I will keep an eye out for you!


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