Published September 12, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I am going to make a “YOU ROCK” Catagory.  This catagory will be all about you!  It will be pictures of you guys, showing off your fashion, your rooms, all your critters, whatever.  If you want a pic on my blog, You got it!!!

If you want your room pictured and you know you are on my buddy list, then just let me know in the comments.  Then if you are not on my buddy list (shame on you, jk)  then I am almost always in Wobbly.  So look for me and start yelling “SECRETNOTES YOU ARE SO AWESOME, YOU ARE THE GREATEST” oh, wait, no, I guess thats not it,  ok, how about ” SECRETNOTES,  I WANT A PICTURE” .  I guess that is better.  kinda, maybe, i guess….

This is my current look:


13 comments on “YOU ROCK!!

  • I probably will yell, SECRETNOTES, I WANT A PICTUREE!!


    lol. 🙂
    Im going to wobbly now.
    U better be there.
    lol jk

  • Of course! Maybe I will see you on Wobbly tomorrow????

    I will probably be wearing a light orange dress, with light orange hair.


    PS I will post a pic of the above look!!

  • I will be on off and on through out most of the day. I will be somewhere in Wobbly……..OH, if u want to meet me real quick in Presto Grove Zany right now??



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