Presto Grove Skate park

Published September 12, 2008 by dwsecretnotes
Secretnotes Skate park

Secretnotes Skate park

This is one of my favorite things to do when I am bored.  Drop skate tricks in Presto Grove and watch how many people will join you!!!


3 comments on “Presto Grove Skate park

  • Yeah, It’s really fun! I never actually dropped my own skate tricks knowing as I have none. I have joined A big group of people that we’re doing something, and I was like “WHats going pn here?” They we’re doing this big contest thing, Its about who does the best tricks, and I was the winner! My “Prize” was a Sleepover at someones house on Dizzywood, LOL. It was fun! And then I realized the person that I had a “SLEEPOVER” with was someone REALLLLY popular On dizzywood, and I became good friends with her, and now Im super popular on dizzywood, but Im not like ‘People scream my name’ sort of popular. but anyway :/ I have alot of friends. so Its all fun. fun, fun, fun! ♥

  • You go to Skytown, and get 10 Power ups (blue plus signs) in a row, WITHOUT touching any other signs. After you gather the 10 power ups, then go through the sign you want. You will then get that sign. I repeated this until I had all the signs.


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