My Critters

Published September 9, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Well, I was never very interested in the critters, but some how I got hooked trying to collect them so here is what I have now.  What am I missing?







Floating Fish



Twinkle Pig

Wild Purple Koi

PS… I am not counting all the different wild fish you can catch, UNLESS its a rare one that is hard to catch


26 comments on “My Critters

  • unless people start using my friend code, I will NEVER have a turtlebug.. (crying)(and sniffles)

    Secretnotes (more sniffles)

  • Cellie, If you go fishing in the pond in Wildwood Glen you will get a Koi (fish) You can’t pick him back up after you let him go though. I usually put mine in the river at Tanglevine when I am going to be there a while and have it follow me around. But when you leave, it disappears 😦


  • Heyyyyyyy. 🙂 Im just going to tell everyone all the Critters on Dizzywood. Yes, I’m THAT bored! Okay so..

    Bull Beastie
    Double Snake
    Floating Fish
    Fish Sprite (3 different kinds)
    Tamed Betta Fish

    Missing any?
    argg oh well 😀

  • thank u soo much!! u ussally come on 10:00 am between like 2:00pm i get off it um idk wat time it is east or west so heres my state n.c. an if u no i sometimes sneak on the computer like 2:34-5:15 ok??? i hope i see u on dw!!

  • hi its me… i got disconnected and now it says dizzywood is busy try again later. anyway wat i was gonna say is thx to you i got a double-headed snake 🙂
    thank you

  • Collect large Crystals in the Juguar Temple. I think it was the last one it gave me for doing that.


  • hi
    im on dizzywood right now in boppy in jaguar temple so if your on boppy go there fine me and say idk ill know who you are

  • Hi every one,
    Im kinda new to this chat so yea…
    Those of you who play dizzywood, good on ya
    And if you ever get the chance to tell your friends about it
    or you’re creating a new account, plz, plz, plz tell them to use my code
    which is Astronaut9949…
    Plz, i realli want a turtlebug because they look so cute.
    And plz dont think that I’m ordering you to do this, its ur choice,
    But plz do, if you wanna and if anyone wants me to tell my friends about dizzywood and wants a turtlebug, I’ll be happy to tell them your code if you want me to,
    So bye for now
    P.s. Thanks for all of u who have been bothered to read my rather loooonnnngggg message

  • Hi guys,
    It’s me again…
    Having fun on dizzywood?
    Well, may i also suggest you play this game called maplestory as well?
    Its realli fun and cool
    And you get to lvl up and there are pretty awesome items
    Problems are that it takes up alot of space (if u wanna download, go to ) and its very very addictive

    Bye guys,

  • hi i only know where three of the blue shards are can u tell me the others im lost and i want the bunny corn to become a pathfinder! PLZ HELP!

  • MAJOR PROBLEMO! si i know that they are in the jaguar temple but can u tell me exactly on which plateus they are on? i hope its not to much trouble to ask!

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