Where to Find a Pet?

Published September 7, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Kitty – Garden Gazebo

Battyfox – Elder Mines

Bullbeastie – Elder Mines

Flutterbird – Elder Mines

Twinkle Pig – Elder Mines

Double Snake – Theta Potato Mine

BunnyCorn – Juguar Temple

Floating Fish – Juguar Temple

Lizard – Juguar Temple

Piglet – Juguar Temple

Koi Fish – Fishing at Wildwood Glen

TurtleBug – You get for getting 25 friends to join with your Friend Code


30 comments on “Where to Find a Pet?

  • hiya!!! i’m 4lvaro
    post to tell ya that i have a worpress page:
    leave a comment!!

  • in the jaguar temple,u see those pink crystals? go and collect all the pink crystals and u’ll get a critter!

  • Purple, if you are talking about Your friend code. Mine is not working either. Legoless said his just started working one day. So maybe it catches everyone up after they get so many, like at 10 15 20… Not sure??

  • could u help me find the piglet please? im soooo sorry bout before im very stubborn and I can be annoying.

    do u know how to get the piglet? its my fave critter i wanna get!


  • You just gather all those pink AND blue crystals. I think there are about 5 of them. It really helps to do the walking on air glitch.. If you don’t know how to do it. Search walk on air in my search box.

  • Frostysnow, Are you sure you are getting the correct crystals and are you sure you are getting all of them without leaving the temple. The Crystal you are looking for has both blue and pink in it. When you get one it will tell you how many you have left to get. After you collect them all WITHOUT leaving the temple it will give you a Crystal critter. After you have your crystal critter, take it to the snake and go through his little critter “book” to find the critter you just got. Then you have to pay him coins, 2,000 I think. He will transform it for you. If this is not working for you, tell me EXACTLY what you are doing and what is happening so I can help you better.

  • Jonasbrothersgurl,
    It automatically gave me mine after I played a couple times. It should be a scroll located in your loot. Click it, and it will tell you what your code is.

  • Ok here is what I do:

    1) I enter the jauguar temple
    2) I collect all crystals the small ones and the blue ones
    3) once I have collected all of the crystals it says I earned a blue crystal
    4) in my inventory I get a blue crystal but no piggie!!

    If I missed something out let me know

  • Frostysnow, I don’t know. The only thing I could do is log on to your acct and look myself. I understand if you don’t want to do that. If you do want me to, put your Dizzywood name in the meebo box and your password. No one else will be able to see it. Make sure you are putting it in the purple meebo box, not a comment.

  • OK Secretnotes Im not supposed to lend my pass or user to anyone but I think I can trust you.

    I will put my pass in there thanks.

  • ok, I looked, I think there’s a way to change your password, feel free to do that. In fact, if you could I would rather, just so you know I never did anything to your acct. 🙂

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