My portal and Buddys’s

Published September 7, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I always put my portal in the same place (unless its taken)  I will be in Wobbly first and Boppy if Wobbly is full.

Also feel free to request to be my buddy I ALWAYS say yes.  If it comes back as No Thanks.  It only because I either missed it, was playing a game or something like that,  so just try again or walk up to me and tell me to add you to my buddy list.

Anyway, Here is where I put my portal!  Cya around.




9 comments on “My portal and Buddys’s

  • holla holla holla!!!
    well, I was going to meet ya in dizzywood, but this SO WEIRD server banned me for an hour for saying “visit my blog” But I have an excelent Idea: meet you tomorrow morning in boppy ok?
    answer plz

  • I got muted for 5 minutes for telling someone about my blog too. I looked and it does say “No Advertising”. I didn’t mean to be spamming or anything, they were just new and I thought it would help them. So anyway, I don’t do it anymore. If I think looking something up will help them I just tell them to “google it”

    I will be in Boppy tomorrow. But I don’t know if it will be morning or afternoon.


  • LOL… I don’t think I’m famous?? But I would def. be friends if we see each other again. I am usually in Wobbly.


  • heyzz.

    theres a new dizzywood (prestos grove, prestos edge) where do u put the portal to ur room now?

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