Your pets and what emotes they like:

Published September 6, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Cat likes Fish

Bat likes Bug

BunnyCorn and Bull beastie like cake (who doesn’t??) lol

Doublesnake likes Wink (well a wink now and again, does make you feel good)

Twinklepig likes happy

Piglet likes Heart

Flutterbird likes heart

Floating fish likes wink

More updates soon.


27 comments on “Your pets and what emotes they like:

  • woops

    well, meet ya in dizzywood
    and just a question: how do you take snapshots of dizzywood? do u use the color camra? answer plz

    P.D.: You can make an msn in 2 minutes, so i think your lazy LoL
    p.D.2: I’ll probably make a blog like this

    Cya in dizzywood

  • Supersis Thanks for helping. The Critters are not really my thing. So any help with them would great.


  • Your right 4lvaro!
    I am VERY lazy… hee hee

    Yes you use the color camera for the snapshots.

    You should have a blog like this… Its a lot of fun!

  • LOL… Everyone is complaining about their monster avatars (hee hee) So fine fine fine. We will go with some silly faces! The monsters are soooo sad. Nobody loves them.

    These are generic avatars, If you want your own for when you post you go under “My Account” and then “edit profile”(you have to be logged in). That will let you choose from your own pics on your computer. I took my avatar with the color camera on Dizzywood!


  • dont u have it? u get it anywhere really…..
    ive gotta cat myself hes a green one when i give him fish (you know th e fish emote) he lets out those pink crystals its COOL!!
    i think that the critters are sooooooo cute //i love the cameras LOL but i LOVE the twinglepig its well cute!!!!!

    well i gotta go now ill probly be around on dizzywood ………….
    love ya all very much xxxx sambelinexxxxx
    p.s try out club penguin its so GOOOOOD!!
    bye bye xxxxx

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