Tint and styling brush

Published September 3, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

First I must mention that they are expensive!  They are 3,000 coins each.  I also didn’t realize that you cannot style or color yourself.  I understand what the makers of Dizzywood are trying to do in getting you talking and cooperating with each other, but still, sometimes it would be fun to just fiddle around with your own hair.  So after I show you how to get the brushes, I will tell you a little trick to do just that!

Like I said, make sure you have 3,000 coins then head up to Skytown.  Look for a house with a red doorbell.  Its toward the end.

Ring the doorbell and then play a game of flight.  Its a very easy game of flight.

Ok, if you are really wanting to do your own hair this is what you can do .  Create another character.  Get the style and/or tint brush with your second Charatcer.  Then open another tab on your computer and sign on with your main Character too, play with both characters.  Have your second character ask your main character do do his/her hair.  Switch tabs (quickly) and reply yes,  switch back tabs and do your hair!   I hope that wasn’t too  difficult to understand.  Let me know if it was and I will try to describe it better.


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