The Onakasi Treasure room

Published September 3, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

You can get a lot of free things from the Treasure Room but only once a day.  Go to the Tanglevine Jungle, back to the ruin area..  Then rub the head.  I would recommend getting friends to help, it takes a long time.

After you get the head open you will play a jumper game and a game of blocks.

After you have finished that you will enter the treasure room.  You only get to pick one thing a day, so I would look at all three chests before you decide .  This is where you can get those long flowing skirts you see all the gals wearing.


12 comments on “The Onakasi Treasure room

  • ummm i have a question if you click on both of the eyes it shocks u with blue and green. how do u get yellow to shock u so u can get zap.

  • Chelsy, you don’t get Zap from the Onakasi Treasure room. You get it from the Juguar temple, you get there from Explorer camp. Go to my “Powers” Catagory on the right hand side of this blog and it will tell you in detail how to get ZAP.


  • Um you know when u play blocks what do u do???????? how do u block the tumblers?????????? its too hard I was playing it fo hours yesterday 😦

    SECRETNOTES= Make a horizontal line. In the treasure room you want the black boxes to disappear.

  • well it isnt really that hard but thanks for the tips..
    if u see me my avatar is called sh4dow and im alaways on sever snazzy

  • blocks is so hard and i really dont know how too play and it makes me mad cause its too hard.please teach me

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