Show off your room!

Published September 3, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

Here are of couple Dizzywooder’s that are showing their rooms off this week!  I will do this from time to time.  If you have a room that you would like to show off, leave a comment in the comment section and tell me what server you are on and when you are usually on and I will try to find you.  I will go around from time to time and ask “who wants their room featured in a Dizzywood blog”  If you see me doing this lay down your portal and tell me you want a picture.   Look forward to seeing you around!!


6 comments on “Show off your room!

  • oh me me memememememememeemmememememmeme i will meet u in wobbly i usually go to wobbly meet me at the meadow i will take u to my house okookokokok do come i will be waiting for u!!!!!!!!!! omg i cant believe it

  • ok, I will play in Wobbly for a while.. I am off and on through out the day. But almost always on between 7- 8:30 EST. Cya there!

  • humm can you show my room.?? wait wait wait, why don’t I show it in my own blog?? Ah, becuz i am SO LAZY lolz. If ytou want to show my room, yjust go by the buddy list lol

  • can u do my house???? ill meet u in watever server u chose and i think ill be on at 6:30.If not then i am still doing my homework OR i cant go on because my mom is on. thanks


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