Published September 2, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

This is the longest power to get I think.   But you need it for so much.  First you need to get Ghost Ray.  To get Ghost ray play combo drop with the genie in Tanglevine jungle.  Next Ghost ray a small pillar next to to the Genie.

After you have the first opal head to Jaguar temple in the Explorer Camp.  You will need to have invisibility and levitation.  Use invisibility to get into the temple.

Then you need to head over to the giant stone face on the wall.  You will need to use levitation to get across the gaps.

Click your opal, located in your loot, and then click the face.  Your first opal will be put into the eye.

Next head over to your right and down to the rock pile.

uncover the rock pile for your second opal.  Take it back to the other eye and repeat the same step.

Yahoo! You have zap.  You can now charge the cannon to get to Skytown ,have fun zapping your friends and much more!


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