Published September 2, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

To get your kitty first head to the Garden Gazebo.  Look around and you will see rocks laying around.  Walk through them.  There are a total of 6.  You must collect them all and they will form a cat statue.

Next make sure you have a bottle of mulch.  To get that play the bounce game by clicking on the cat ( pictured above )  Next you will need to find the Garden Sprites.  Which are flowers that are walking around.  Click on the first one, which is red.  They will turn your statue into a real cat.  It will cost you some coins of course.  🙂


6 comments on “Cat

  • tyvm now i got a cat critter!!! !!!!!!

    by the way do you know where i can get the fish emote???

    thanks again!!!

  • umm .. da bunnycorn can also be found in a box in presto`s grove, only happens when its ur first time….. u gota click on da box behinde higgin…. if u been there 2 long then itll say theres only some straws at da corner, some smart people would find it da rest never notice , that`s how i got it.

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