Can’t decide my server!

Published September 2, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

I am trying to decide what server I want to make my main server.  Lately I have been using Twirly or Boppy.  I want your opinions!  What is your favorite server with the best group of friends?  Leave your comments…


15 comments on “Can’t decide my server!

  • yes, supersis, Log on to wordpress. Then go under “my account and then Edit profile” It will let you change your avatar!


  • Ok, um… I always get on Groggy even though I have only been a member of Dizzywood for one week. But Groggy is pretty much always open. Well, I hope I can see you there sometime!

  • Ok thx so much for meeting me! And now my sister wants to mett you too! She will be in Groggy in the Tanglevine Jungle. P.S. I will be there too so I can take a picture of us. P.S.S. My sister’s name is WereThegirls.

  • Hey I was just wondering… does Dizzywood ever have like a party? Like does it ever change the way it looks for a holiday or seasons?

  • Although, I haven’t been on long enough to see it. I have seen pictures of it looking different. There was snow at one time!! And there are the Canal City rumors, so we may get another part of Dizzywood added on.


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