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Published September 20, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

First I want to Thank Cookie for bringing this to my attention….

The envelopes are gone.  But here is what I am not sure of… Are they gone because I did the mission?  Or are they gone because the hid them some where else.  I have looked, Ghost raying ALOT of places, I even had people helping (Thanks Cheerio)  But we couldn’t find them.  If you fnd one let me know, Please!!!

UPDATE : Here’s where I found mine for my mission

And another mission, I don’t know why I drew the dog face  :)



Keep out Signs

Published September 20, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

What are they and how do you get in you ask??  Well Secretnotes will tell you!!

First you have to have the game in your backpack.  (To do this play at the game wagon in Presto grove)  After you have it in your backpack click on the game you want to play and click the SOLO option for points.  There will be a bar at the top, everytime you beat the game it will fill slightly.  When it fills completely it will unlock a BOSS MISSION.  Here is where each boss is located:

Skytown Skatepark: Professor Plumpox Lab

Wildwood Glen : Rat Wraith Lair

Tanglevine Jungle : Grool Grubnibblers Lair

There you get to Choose one free item!!

How to get to the Secret Treehouse

Published September 7, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

To get there first you have to get the Rope and grapple.  It is located in Tanglevine Jungle.  Walk over to the grate and hop on.

Next fly up, and click the rope in the tree top.

Now head to Wildwood Glen, you get there from Presto Grove

There is a treehouse up in the trees.. Here’s a picture:

See it way in the background??? Walk behind that little hill.  Click your Grapple and rope (located in your loot) and then click the treehouse.  Usually only the very bottom of the house shows up under the words that pop up.  Click that part.  You will play a very easy game of Jumper.  Grab the honeycomb because you will use that to buy SPY GEAR!!

The Onakasi Treasure room

Published September 3, 2008 by dwsecretnotes

You can get a lot of free things from the Treasure Room but only once a day.  Go to the Tanglevine Jungle, back to the ruin area..  Then rub the head.  I would recommend getting friends to help, it takes a long time.

After you get the head open you will play a jumper game and a game of blocks.

After you have finished that you will enter the treasure room.  You only get to pick one thing a day, so I would look at all three chests before you decide .  This is where you can get those long flowing skirts you see all the gals wearing.


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